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General Operating
Use my gift where it is needed most. General operating gifts support science education in regional schools for 5,000 students; connect 70,000 adults and children annually to the natural world; protect 550 acres of regional habitat; monitor and restore the health of our forests; and educate thousands of people about sustainable food systems.

Children's Education Fund
The Children's Education Fund is ACES most important fundraising drive of the year, supporting all of our ACES Ed programs. ACES must raise $400,000 to teach science classes to over 4,700 students, provide over 400 field programs for 48 regional schools, and deliver over 120 after school programs each school year.
ACES Ed programs make 65,000 student contacts each year, providing curriculum rooted in experiential study of life, earth, and environmental sciences. The state of Colorado does not have the funds needed to provide sufficient science education to school districts. ACES Ed supplements this need, providing science education for regional schools, helping schools meet state and district academic standards. Help ACES in our work to change the world through environmental science education and make a tax-deductible donation to our Children's Education Fund today! 

Click here to read our 2015-2016 Children's Education Fund brochure on Issuu.

Sustainable Agriculture
ACES at Rock Bottom Ranch is western Colorado's "school" for teaching people of all ages how to grow healthy, sustainable food. This means farming using priciples of ecology and natural biological cycles to satisfy human food needs while enhancing and protecting water, land, and climate resources. ACES' unique brand of sustainable agriculture at the Ranch melds 113 acres of wild lands and pristine riparian habitats with agriculture production and education. Support of our sustainable agriculture programs provides the opportunity to help educate both youth and adults how to grow food sustainably, highlighting replicable models of sustainable agriculture while providing local, healthy food for valley residents. 

Forest Health Initiatives
There has never been a more critical moment to support forest health initiatives; which will provide long-term information on the state of our forests. Healthy forests provide vital resources for our community and the world. Locally, forests are the source of our drinking water, and globally, forests are a major player in the global carbon cycle, absorbing carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Your support helps ACES protect our forests and educate for the importance of healthy, natural systems through our Forest Health Index.

Summer Naturalist Internship Program
What began with four interns in 1978, is now a thriving, highly-competitive program recognized by the Princeton Review as one of the top 100 internship programs in the country. Hundreds of young people who have made their start at ACES have gone on to meaningful careers in conservation and education, contributing in many ways to society and the natural environment. The core of ACES’ Internship program involves bringing 14 Naturalists to Hallam Lake for a summer. A contribution of $5,000 covers the cost of one intern for the summer, or $2,500 covers the cost of ½ an intern for the summer. These generous contributions will help ACES cover the $70,000 cost of hosting fourteen 14 interns, but it will also continue to strengthen this already remarkable program.

Tomorrow's Voices
ACES’ Tomorrow’s Voices program provides a rigorous academic curriculm for high school students where issues of ethics, diversite, liberty, and equality are explored in depth through environmental awareness and civic activism. Classes are open to students from all high schools in the Roaring Fork Valley and held weekly at Roaring Fork High School in Carbondale. Our enrollment reaches across different school districts, bringing together a diverse group of students; a feature critical to hosting meaningful discussions of core values and civics. 

Tribute Gifts
Give the gift of nature in honor of a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary, or to express your sympathy and respect for a loved one by giving a memorial gift in remembrance. When you give a honor or memorial gift, you’ll be asked to provide the name, address, and email for the person you’d like notified about your gift. An announcement will be sent by postal mail or via email to the person you request to be notified when you donate. Give a tribute gift today and make a difference in the world by support ACES’ mission to provide in-depth environmental science education and ecological literacy to tens of thousands of youths and adults each year, creating a community in which forests, ecosystems, and people thrive.


Planned Giving: Elizabeth Paepcke Society
Donors may play a significant role in securing the future of ACES by including ACES in their wills. Individuals who have made a planned gift to ACES are welcomed to the Elizabeth Paepcke Society that recognizes these foresighted donors whose gifts will extend beyond their lifetimes. Donors interested in making a planned gift may contact ACES Development Director Christy Mahon at 970-925-5756 or
Special Projects
ACES is actively involved in forest health, land stewardship, habitat enhancement, and conservation. If you are interested in supporting these special endeavors, please contact ACES Development Director, Christy Mahon at 970-925-5756 or
To celebrate ACES founder Elizabeth Paepcke's 80th birthday, her family established an endowment to support ACES. In the almost three decades since, ACES has remained focused on strengthening the endowment and securing ACES future. Today, ACES is very fortunate to enjoy the annual support of its $6.3 million endowment. Donors interested in contributing to the endowment may contact ACES Development Director, Christy Mahon at 970-925-5756 or