Rock Bottom Ranch Children's Garden

Help create a new Children's Garden at Rock Bottom Ranch for kids and families to get their hands dirty while learning about healthy food systems and connecting to nature!
A new Children's Garden at Rock Bottom Ranch will be a place for children and families to explore the origins of food, learn science, and inspire a lifelong connection with nature through hands­-on experiences and play. 
A garden will allow kids to use their imagination and sense of wonder to create their own connections with plants, water, science, and healthy food. Take this opportunity to make a positive and meaningful ecological, educational, health, and social benefit in the Roaring Fork Valley.
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If you would prefer to donate with a check, you may mail it to ACES at address below to the attention of our Development Director, Christy Mahon.
Contact Christy Mahon, or 970.925.5756 with questions.
kids garden

Some things that little (and big) kids can look forward to:
  • Child-level raised beds
  • Renewal energy features 
  • Kids' water pump
  • Animal nursery
  • Orchard trees
  • Pollinator gardens
  • Bugs + birds area
  • Gathering spaces
  • Kids' tool shed 
kids garden drawing
designs and architectural work by Land+Shelter