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Choose Your Own Adventure

Outlook over Tivoli Bay
What's more important in life than surrounding yourself by beautiful people? The answer is nothing, however a close second goes to beautiful places. The conclusion of this summer was a difficult period for me. Leaving not only an amazing group of individuals at ACES but the natural beauty in which Aspen is nested, to move East to New York was challenging and forced me to reconcile my inner conflicts caused by this life decision. 
As someone who has felt a deep connection with high and wild places since the first time my boots gripped the side of a mountain, I was unsure if my new home could satiate my hunger for exploration. I soon discovered that it in fact could and to a degree I never thought imaginable. 
The forests are vast and dense, the rivers are plentiful and come in all varieties, and the landscape teems with life. The land may not rise and fall quite as dramatically as it did in Aspen, but the moderate terrain hides many secrets. It was only a couple months ago that Blue Columbine captivated me as I strolled along Colorado trails. Now it is the 400 year old White Oak trees, climbing vines, and Red Efts which draw my attention. Beauty through pure diversity.
Unnamed ridge in the Maroon Snowmass Wilderness
Unnamed ridge in the Maroon Snowmass Wilderness
That is one of the most magnificent qualities of this country. The ability to travel from one incredible place to the next without even having to go through a customs officer making you feel guilty for something you have never done. No matter where you go in life and what preconceived notions you carry along the way, always seek adventure. Look for the amazing things happening around you, big and small. Be inspired and take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness of a place.
I often wish I was still in the West, but I have found another horizon here in the East and it is a horizon largely unexplored by my mind, body, and spirit until now. The Aspen idea applies no matter where you find yourself. The adventure always awaits.
~Kyle Rorah