Prototype 1
Prototype 2

Ongoing Projects

The current THINKShed project involves the design and construction of a chicken coop that is innovative, aesthetically-appealing, and environmentally-conscious. The team invested time conducting market research to choose a product that would appeal to a broad consumer base.

After deciding on a chicken coop for backyard farmers, the group identified two features, superior aesthetics and meeting Animal Welfare Approved standards, that would set this new product apart from its competitors. Months of design meetings, research, and revisions led to the building of 3-D models, followed by further development using digital design software.

Ultimately, the students and mentors built a prototype (photo below left), which has undergone field-testing for the past year. The group used the findings from this testing to design a second prototype (photo below right), which is already in the construction phase. This second prototype incorporates changes that not only improve upon its design features, but that would allow it to be mass-produced and marketed to the emerging urban farming movement.