Florian Schulz

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and CORE in partnership with Earthjustice 
invites you to Visions of the Arctic as part of The Jessica Catto Leadership Dialogues: Promoting Stewardship through Conversation.

Visions of the Arctic
Thursday October 7th, 5:30-6:30pm at Hallam Lake
A reception will follow the presentation.

Celebrated wildlife photographer Florian Schulz and Earthjustice's Arctic Strategic Advisor Buck Parker will share their stunning visual presentation of Arctic images and spread the word about the threats to this iconic landscape.

The Arctic is a vast, diverse landscape filled with life. Here, caribou in the hundreds of thousands still embark on epic migrations across mighty rivers, mountains, and coastal plains. Here, wetlands, lakes and oceans teem with life, supporting whales, polar bears, seals and waterfowl. And here, the unique, resilient cultures of native peoples such as the Inupiat and the Gwich'in still embrace a way of life rooted in thousands of years of experience. Without awareness and protection, this amazing habitat is at risk from changes in climate and resource extraction. I hope you’re able to attend and experience these beautiful images and hear their compelling message.