Fire in the Belly: Stories of Change

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE), in partnership with Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, the City of Aspen and Writ Large, is thrilled to present a live story evening featuring Roaring Fork Valley locals on stage telling first-person stories curated by Alya Howe. The event, which will include solar seed house tours, a “Fire in the Belly” engagement station, drinks from Marble Distilling Co. and Aspen Brewing Company, and vittles from Slow Groovin’ BBQ, will take place on June 6th at Rock Bottom Ranch.

Fire in the Belly is a car-free, zero-waste event!
Please walk, bike or take our free shuttle from the El Jebel Park & Ride.
Free shuttles will depart the El Jebel Park & Ride every 15 minutes, from 5pm through 6:15pm.

The theme of the night is “Fire in the Belly: Stories of Change.” Turning a corner, rallying together, playing a part, creating something new. Finding solutions in the face of shifting sands: an uncertain future, a changing environment, weird weather. Whatever keeps you rolling up your sleeves and moving forward with hope.

Led by Writ Large curator/director Alya Howe, Fire in the Belly is a new event that is part of a long tradition of live story events in the Roaring Fork Valley presented by Writ Large. The series has been touching the hearts of all involved: tellers and listeners. As Alya says, “We believe everyone has a story, many in fact! The sharing of a true tale enables you to see where you now stand within the story, even what the story has to tell you.” Stories, an ancient form of communication, are a powerful way to connect us to each other and to connect the dots between our actions and the environment. 

With this program, we aim to help residents of the Roaring Fork Valley see that they are powerful change agents, able to create impact in their own communities. We will tie this theme into our collective work to protect natural resources, save energy and cut carbon emissions. 


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