Crystal River Elementary School (CRES)

In 2013, ACES increased its environmental science programming at CRES by modeling the program after the highly-successful Aspen Elementary School and Basalt Elementary School programs. Now, all 550 Kindergarten through 4th grade CRES  students attend a weekly lesson in the ACES' Environmental Science classroom as a part of their rotation of classes called specials. In addition to the in-school lessons, each class goes on two to three field science programs at ACES' sites. 

According to Crystal River Elementary School principal Heather Cremeans, "Having ACES full time at CRES was the unanimous goal for staff, administrators, parents, and students! We are thrilled to move forward with this collaboration and look forward to seeing the impact it has on the students at CRES." CRES teacher, Lisa Dameron has to says, “ACES teachers are always knowledgeable, prepared, enthusiastic, and kid-centered. They provide engaging lessons and utilize effective classroom management techniques. Kids always love seeing their faces pop up and are disappointed when ACES is there to teach a different classroom.”

Primary themes of study by grade level:

Grade LevelThemeOutdoor Field Science Trips
1st GradeAmazing Animals:  Mammals, Birds, Farm Animals, Reptiles, Amphibians, FishAnimals
2nd GradeHabitats:  Schoolyard, Forests, Rivers and Ponds, Alpine, WinterHabitat
3rd GradeCycles:  Life, Weather, Rock, and Water CyclesLife Cycles
4th GradeLiving with Nature:  Watershed, Water use, Waste, Climate, EnergyWater in Ecosystems

Crystal River Elementary School contributes in part to this program, while ACES supplements the remaining funds through private donations and grants.