Tomorrow's Voices

Tomorrow's Voices is a non-partisan program dedicated to cultivating responsible citizenship and ethical leadership in the youth of the Roaring Fork Valley by fostering the skills and knowledge necessary to discover their own voices.

Tomorrow's Voices provides supplemental civics, ethical, and environmental leadership education for Roaring Fork Valley high school students. We achieve our aims by directly engaging students and community members in interactive dialogue and written response. We also provide educators in the valley with the tools to more effectively engage their students in civics, ethical education and social justice. Classes are open to students from all high school in the Roaring Fork Valley and are offered for college credit. Seminars and classes are also held for the community, and when available are listed under our programs and events.

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Tomorrow's Voices was founded in 2000 by educators AO Forbes and Willard Clapper. ACES partnered with Tomorrow's Voices in 2011 to further accomplish their mission and engage high school students to their full potential as responsible global citizens. Tomorrow's Voices officially merged with ACES in 2014.

Each year, ACES and Patagonia Snomwass host the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in support of the Tomorrow's Voices program and in memory of the beloved life-long educator, Willard Clapper.

A seminar on civics for local leaders, Spring Board.  Tomorrow's Voices founding educators
Willard Clapper & AO Forbes.
 Tomorrow's Voices course at Roaring Fork High School.

For information about Tomorrow's Voices or to enroll in the class please email Arin Trook at