Spring Creek

In the summer of 2012 we completed significant first steps in the restoration of a very unique spring-fed pond and wetland complex at Spring Creek.

Restoration at Spring Creek this past summer involved decommissioning the worn out infrastructure of 75 years of fish hatchery operations. Six dump truck loads of compacted metals were recycled, four loads of non-recyclables were hauled to the dump, and another ten loads of wood were removed for future biochar production. Then the cleared site was graded, seeded and mulched to prevent erosion and the invasion of noxious weeds.


Finally, and most notably, the Spring Creek spring and its cascading outflow was thoroughly restored in an amazing feat of hand labor on a steep hillside. Tons of rock were moved by hand, the cascade lined with fish-safe liner, then the rocks (with lichens, mosses, angelica, and yellow monkey flowers still intact) were carefully replaced to create eight oxygenating drops and pools. The spring is now truly a sight to behold. It is the focal point and the source of all the restoration to come at Spring Creek; restoration which will benefit native terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna and will provide the demonstration site for developing and teaching hands-on restoration ecology.


For more information, or for a tour of the project area, please contact Chris Lane at clane@aspennature.org.