Chicken Tractor

Laying Hens

Rock Bottom Ranch is home to over 150 laying hens. Our hens (And a few roosters) follow the sheep in our rotational grazing system. Once we move the sheep to a new paddock, the chickens move into the paddock the sheep have just vacated. We let the hens roam throughout this paddock for at least 24 hours—and during this time they do not waste a minute! The chickens spend the day pecking and scratching searching for bugs, larvae, weed seeds, and other goodies, while simultaneously spreading the nutrient filled sheep manure and leaving behind their own nitrogen rich manure. What is so beneficial about this? The hens distribute the manure across the pasture, allowing it to breakdown more easily, and eliminating the need for mechanical harrowing. To top it all off, the hens convert their protein-rich, bug-filled, pasture-raised diet into nutritious eggs. 

We sell our pasture-raised, Animal Welfare Approved, non-GMO eggs. Click here for more information, or contact us with questions at 970.927.6760