Rock Bottom Ranch is home to two important British heritage pig breeds—the Large Black and Tamworth. Both of these breeds are endangered pig breeds according to the Livestock Conservancy. The Large Blacks were one of the most popular breeds around the world in 1900 because of their large size and ability to produce efficiently on pasture and other forages. Despite this, they became nearly extinct by the 1960s when large-scale, confined livestock operations became the norm, because they were unable to compete indoors with other non-heritage breeds. The Large Blacks are intelligent, friendly, and excellent mothers. Our sows raise large litters outdoors with minimal assistance. 

Tamworths too are valued for their exceptional foraging abilities. Historically, they were left to find their own food amongst the oak and beech forests in Europe. Our two little ginger pigs are active, intelligent, and goofy. Both the red hair of the Tamworth and the black coat of the Large Black protect them from sunburn at our high altitude. 

Our hogs spend their lives grazing our lush pastures, rotating regularly onto fresh forage for optimal animal and ecosystem health. Pigs love to root (dig with their snouts). Even the youngest piglets on the property attempt to follow this instinct to stir up the ground with their noses. They dig down looking for bugs, roots, flora, bark, and any other treats hidden below the dirt. In doing so, they turn up anything growing and leave behind freshly tilled soil full of organic material and a layer of their own fertilizer (manure). In this way, the young porkers minimize the need for gas-powered rototillers and help us maintain better soil structure. They also provide the community with flavorful and tender local pork. Click here to read more about raising heritage breed pigs!

We sell a variety of pasture-raised, Animal Welfare Approved pork cuts, as well as whole and half hogs by order. Click here for more information, or contact us with questions at 970.927.6760