Rock Bottom Ranch is proud to partner with Crystal River Meats (Carbondale, CO) to raise grass-fed lamb. Through this partnership we have also developed our own flock of meat sheep, adding the Katahdin Hair Sheep to the group in April of 2015. Click here learn more about this fascinating hair sheep breed.

Our sheep and goats are the leaders of a management intensive multi-species rotational grazing system. This system builds soil fertility, diversifies pasture species, and provides our animals with the highest nutrition. In an attempt to mimic natural wild herbivore grazing patterns, our sheep and goats move nearly every day as a big mob. We use electric fence to keep them together and concentrated on a ½ acre parcel of pasture at a time. By confining them to this space, the sheep eat all of the available grasses, not just their favorites. This allows for new species to pop up and add to our pasture diversity (and their nutrition). Frequently moving the sheep prevents them from mowing the grass too short, and gives our pasture grasses plenty of time (at least one month) to recover and grow after the intensive disturbance period.