Field Production

The Ranch gardens are integral to our vegetable production systems, and are continuously evolving and growing. The fields are part of methodical crop rotation system that extends the growing season and allows for adequate rest periods to regenerate soil fertility. Currently, field production includes over 50 varieties of vegetables and herbs on about 3/4 of an acre. 

Though we are not yet certified organic, our growing methods go beyond the national organic standards. We grow our own starts for field transplant, and use no fertilizers or pesticides at any point. Our fields also benefit from compost generated on-site. 

We frequently use cover crops such as barley, buckwheat, clover, and rye to replenish nutrients to the soil after vegetables have been grown in a given area. Cover crops, or green manures, help protect against soil erosion, maintain nutrients that might be lost, cycle nutrients from lower layers of the soil to the upper layers, build soil structure, add nitrogen, and provide organic matter that will later decompose into rich humus.

By employing these methods we can expect the gardens to be very productive for many years without the use of synthetic fertilizers.