Rolling Thunder Outside
Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder Hoophouse

The Rock Bottom Ranch “Rolling Thunder” hoophouse is a season extension structure with wheels mounted to a track that enble us to move the entire hoophouse between multiple desired growing areas. Mobile season extension structures double growing area capacity and help prevent soil fertility degredation within the greenhouse space. The soil in a greenhouse is harder to keep fertile than outside ground because it is not exposed to natural elements and conditions. Farmers often deplete greenhouse soil by repeatedly planting the same crops—resulting in serious nutrient deficiencies that even compost can’t correct. In order to regenerate soil in a permanent structure farmers have to remove and replace 12"-16’’ of soil —which is incredibly labor intensive. Our Rolling Thunder hoophouse allows us to expose one area to the elements or plant regenerative cover crop, while simultaneously producing in the other area. The helps to extend our growing season and allow us to maintain soil fertility withouth sacraficing production. The bottom line? We have produce earlier in the spring and later in the fall!