Adventures for All Ages

Experience Aspen on an educational adventure with ACES. These programs are perfect for kids, adults, families, or groups who will enjoy a memorable experience at our beautiful sites. 

  • All programs include at least one certified interpretive Naturalist.
  • Basic fee: $60 per hour per Naturalist (9 person limit per Naturalist). 2-hour minimum.
  • To make a reservation, please call Grayson Bauer at 970.925.5756.

Additional Options:

  • Food: ACES will arrange lunch for an additional $20 per person
  • Transportation: ACES can arrange transportation at an additional cost.

Beaver Program – Hallam Lake

Learn all about beavers in this hands-on program focusing on beavers' amazing adaptations and lifestyle. If you choose to begin the program at dusk, beavers are often visible on Hallam Lake. 
Duration: 45 minutes – 2 hours
Options: Daytime or evening program, art project


Birds of Prey – Hallam Lake

Come meet ACES' resident birds of prey and learn all about these amazing avian predators. This hands-on program will focus on the special features of eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons and give you the opportunity to see our resident birds up close.
Duration: 45 minutes – 2 hours
Options: Eagle presentation, art project


Bears – Hallam Lake

Hallam Lake is frequented by bears every summer. Learn about what they eat, where they live, and how they sleep all winter long. We will also focus on how to be 'bear aware' so we can enjoy their presence rather than fear it.
Duration: 45 minutes – 2 hours
Options: Art project


Trout and Pond – Hallam Lake

Hallam Lake is home to native Colorado River cutthroat trout. This program focuses on trout, their habitat, and their food. We will search for, collect, and identify aquatic insects and later feed them to the trout in ACES' indoor trout stream. 
Duration: 45 minutes – 2 hours
Options: Art project, spawning area restoration (requires boots)


Best of ACES – Hallam Lake

Beavers, bears, birds of prey, and cutthroat trout are all covered in this comprehensive program at Hallam Lake. Pick the topics that interest you most, or cover them all. We will be sure to spend a lot of time outside exploring, learning, and having fun on the preserve.
Duration: 1 – 4 hours
Options: Art project, snacks, custom topics


Stewardship Projects - Hallam Lake or Rock Bottom Ranch

Lend a hand and make a difference at ACES! Projects include habitat enhancement, invasive plant removal, beaver damage protection, trout spawning area restoration, gardening, and others. Each project includes an educational element to make the work even more fulfilling. This is a great outdoor family activity.
Duration: 45 minutes – 2 hours
Options: Art project, projects at Rock Bottom Ranch