Aces Stories

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    11  Mar

    Continuing in the ACES Ed Way

    Leaf pressings, lost pencils in the grass, unrestrained curiosity – these memories float into my head when I think about times past at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES). My name is Bo Welden, and I am a graduate of the Aspen School District and Colorado State University (CSU).

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    06  Mar

    ACES Ed from a Parent's Perspective

    Our two girls have been involved with ACES in several ways including summer camps, field trips, special family events, and at school. We have been thrilled with the educators and greatly appreciate the knowledge base our kids are being exposed to.

    Our first experience with ACES Ed was during our oldest daughter’s kindergarten year. Starting in the first few weeks of school, Morgan would come home with interesting tidbits she had learned in her ACES classes about the animals that live in our valley and our local habitat.

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    24  Feb

    Reflections on a Childhood with Environmental Education

    As a 23-year-old who has recently moved back to my hometown, I reflect upon the impact environmental education has had on my development. Having the opportunity to be born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley is an experience I can never take for granted. In particular, I am grateful for the experiences I had growing up with ACES Ed.

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    05  Dec

    ACES Launches Rock Bottom Ranch Kitchen Campaign

    Fundraising campaign to support sustainable agriculture education.