Alpine Discoveries (overnight)

Hiking in a wildflower meadow in the alpine

Join us for this backpacking adventure high into the Alpine and discover what makes this environment unique while camping under the stars. Research weather patterns, temperature, and slope aspect, as you explore the animal and plants that call this place home! We will combine field experiments, data collection, hiking adventures, and expert encounters to discover, and interpret our surroundings, increasing our knowledge of the wonders of our Alpine landscapes. On Wednesday, we will begin our backpacking adventure and immerse ourselves in a true alpine environment. 
Prerequisite: Kids must have prior camping experience.

Overnight Details:
Monday-Tuesday: 9:30am – 3:30pm at Hallam Lake
Wednesday: meet at Hallam Lake parking lot at 10am ready for the overnight
Friday: pick up at Hallam Lake parking lot at 12pm.
Kids will need their own sleeping bag and pad, essential clothes for the overnight. Some kids will bring their own tents to share. ACES provides healthy, kid-friendly lunch, dinner and breakfast. Overnight details and gear questions will be worked out at the beginning of the week.

What To Bring:

Pack a backpack with snack, lunch, reusable water bottle, rain jacket, warm layer, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses. Please remember to label everything. Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy, closed-toed shoes - no open-toe sandals!

How To Get There:

Please walk, bike, bus, or carpool to ACES at Hallam Lake whenever possible! Parking is extremely limited and alternate transportation is fun and saves the planet.

BIKE BOARD CHALLENGE: In the summer, every time you come to Hallam Lake in something other than your own car you will earn a sticker to place on our Bike Board. Bike Board participants are entered to win great prizes all summer long including local gift certificates, bike accessories, ACES classes, reusable bags, and more. 

PARKING LOT: Limited parking is available for Hallam Lake visitors only. Please park efficiently. Drop-off overflow parking for Hallam Lake programs is available in the West End (2 hour free parking) with an easy walk down the stairs to the center. We are an IDLE FREE community. 


Wildlife, Science and Hiking



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  • Kids : 11, 12, 13 and over
    • Class maximum: 10
    • Spots available: 4
    Registration closed on 07/19/2019