Building Your eBird Skills

What is eBird, and why should we use it? Join Susan Foster to learn about this multipurpose tool that has been adopted by birders around the world. The class will start inside with a introduction to eBird, focusing on how to download the app and its basic functions for use in the field. We will then head out around Hallam Lake to practice submitting bird observations. You will learn how to plot your location, add species to a checklist, understand what data are appropriate, and how to make your checklists more valuable. By using eBird, you not only keep track of your bird lists, photos, and sounds, but you can also explore the latest sightings from around the world, join the world’s largest birding community, and contribute to science and conservation.  

About the Instructor:

Susan Foster is a retired teacher and spends most of her time in the pursuit of all things birds.  She spent 30 years as a resident of Laredo, Texas, enjoying the unique avifauna of the Texas/Mexican border. In the past decade or two, she has led bird tours in and around South Texas for the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, Laredo Birding Festival, Rockport HummerBird Festival, the Aransas Bird and Nature Club, the Audubon Outdoor Club, The Birdiest Festival, and the Texas Ornithological Society. She was a founding member of the Monte Mucho Audubon Society and is currently secretary of the Aransas Bird and Nature Club and the Texas Ornithological Society, helping birders on a statewide basis.  Originally from Massachusetts, she spends her time birding Colorado in the summer and all around Texas the remainder of the year.  She moved to Rockport, Texas, five years ago and is currently concentrating on the birds of Aransas County to better know her local birds.

What To Bring:

Bring your own binoculars (or borrow ours) and guide book (optional). Be prepared for cool temperatures and walking both on- and off-trail. Please dress in warm layers and sturdy footwear.

How To Get There:

Please bike or walk to ACES  whenever possible! We understand that you'll need to drive to ACES for certain classes - 6am birding classes, photo field trips, etc. However, when you can, make it a personal challenge and see if you can drive fewer times than last year! Parking at ACES is limited.





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