Powerful Pollinators

Birds, bees, butterflies, bats and beetles -- what do they all have in common? All of these creatures are powerful pollinators and without them wildflowers wouldn't bloom and fruits and veggies wouldn't find their way from our farms to our tables. During this camp, you will learn all about the powerful interactions between pollinators and plants. Find out why these creatures have such a special relationship with the plants they pollinate. Taste some local honey and observe honey bees in their hives. Watch bees dance, listen to them buzz, smell flowers, roll beeswax candles and learn about the important connections between pollinators and our food. Field trips, guest appearances and plenty of exploration will add zest to this exciting week of science.

Click here to register for the shuttle from Hallam Lake to Rock Bottom Ranch.

What To Bring:

Pack a backpack with snack, lunch, reusable water bottle, rain jacket, warm layer, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses. Please remember to label everything. Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy, closed-toed shoes - no open-toe sandals!

How To Get There:

Please walk, bike, bus, or carpool to ACES at Rock Bottom Ranch whenever possible! Parking is extremely limited and alternate transportation is fun and saves the planet.

BIKE BOARD CHALLENGE: In the summer, every time you come to the Ranch in something other than your own car you will earn a sticker to place on our Bike Board. Bike Board participants are entered to win great prizes all summer long including local gift certificates, bike accessories, ACES classes, reusable bags, and more.
PARKING LOT: Limited parking is available for Rock Bottom Ranch visitors only. Please park efficiently. No parking in ACES lots during closed hours. We are an IDLE FREE organization.


Food, Science and Wildlife



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  • Kids : 7, 8
    • Class maximum: 11
    • Spots available: 4
    Registration closed on 07/19/2019