Summer Private Naturalist-Guided Tours

Experience the mountains around Aspen with an ACES Naturalist. Our guides know the area and have a wealth of stories and information to share about wildlife and history of the area. Private Tours are perfect for individuals, families, or groups. Email [email protected] and we will help you figure out what hike is best for you. You can also explore some of our options below.

About Private Naturalist-Guided Tours

  • ACES offers morning or afternoon timeslots for your private Naturalist-guided tours ($250), or full day adventures ($500).
  • Use our simple form to submit your request. If you have questions, email [email protected].
  • You can browse the list of hikes and experiences below.
  • We recommend 48-hours notice for tour reservations.
  • A non-refundable 20% deposit is required at booking.
  • ACES may be able arrange transportation depending on the location.
  • A snack or lunch can be provided at an additional cost.

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Observation Walks

These guided walks tend to have little to no elevation gain, shorter mileage, but plenty to see. These are great for families and friends looking to stretch their legs and learn about nature without breaking too big of a sweat with ease of accessibility. Hikes: Upper Hunter Creek, Richmond Ridge/Nature Trail, Snowmass Nature Trail, Rio Grande, Ashcroft River Run, North Star Nature Preserve, Maroon Lake

Explorative Adventures

These guided hikes will get the heart pumping with a bit of a challenge. Explore different ecosystems along the way. These hikes are great for families and friends looking to spend a couple hours outside with a bit of a physical challenge. Hikes: Hunter Creek, Linkins Lake, Weller Lake, Maroon Creek, East Maroon Creek, Crater Lake, Ashcroft River Run


Trying to hit all the boxes on the Aspen must-dos? Have a guide show you these iconic places. Hikes: Ashcroft River Run, Aspen Mountain, Maroon Lake, Crater Lake

Challenging Hikes

These guided hikes will get you sweating as you go up in elevation and cover several miles. Learn about the valley as you hike and take water breaks. These hikes are great for families and friends looking to have someone take them out for a physical challenge for 4-6 hours. Hikes: Cathedral Lake, American Lake, Hunter-Smuggler Loop, Lost Man

Full Send

Six miles not enough? Looking for a full-day challenge? These options start early to finish before dinner to test you in high elevations over longer endurance miles. Hikes: Lost Man Loop, Midway, Cathedral Lake to Electric Pass


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Summer Tours Winter Tours 


Note for winter tours: Private winter tours on Aspen Mountain or Snowmass are regular ticket pricing plus $180 for 4 people or fewer, $120 for 5 people or more, and an additional $60 per hour after 2 hours.

ACES is a permitted outfitter guide through the US Forest Service White River National Forest.