Honoring Our Longest Members

Last year marked ACES' 50th Anniversary of educating for environmental responsibility. This year we invite you to join us in honoring our longest members – who make our work possible and have been with us every step of the way. This year, instead of our annual Picnic on the Preserve to honor our members, we are having Picnic Mondays to welcome our members to the preserve all summer long, to enjoy the outdoors and visit with the extended ACES family. Learn more about Picnic Mondays here. We hope you will join us!


Members for 30+ years: 

Spotlight members:

Missy Prudden

Missy Prudden

"I am a Colorado native and have been living in Woody Creek for the last 46 years with my husband, Steve. We raised three children here and two of our three grandchildren live in the area. I love hiking, birding, cross-country skiing and art. ACES has been a major part of my life here. I have been involved for most of my years here between volunteering, taking all the variety of classes, involvement in the school classes, serving on the board, and becoming an avid birder. ACES is such a valuable organization for educating our community about the value of the environment. We are so fortunate to have this organization!"

Barbara Reid and David Hyman

Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Nature Lovers

"David and I got to know ACES in the mid seventies.  We remember our first time at Hallam Lake when we had dinner with Tom and Jody in their cozy home in the upstairs of the old barn. I joined the Board of ACES in 1985 and participated as the Hallam Lake Nature Center building came into being. David and I have loved our connection with the ACES’ community whether birding at Hallam Lake and Northstar, visiting Toklat, learning about land stewardship at Rock Bottom, studying mushroom ecology, or attending talks and other programming. The strength of ACES’ staffing over the years has created so many important opportunities to stay true to their mission of educating for environmental responsibility. We believe ACES is a treasure for Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley and the world beyond."

Kay Bucksbaum

Kay Bucksbaum
Passionate Philanthropist

"I have been in love with Aspen since 1950. My husband Matthew always said 'Hallam Lake is the gem of Aspen'. I love the authenticity of ACES and its people. I have always adored time outdoors, enjoying natural landscapes and flowers. Being a part of ACES allows me to share this passion with people of all ages and backgrounds."

All ACES members for over 30 years:

B.J. and Michael Adams
Anne Austin-Clapper
Skip and Donna Behrhorst
Barbara and Bruce Berger
Sharon Bistline
Ruthie Brown and Al Beyer
Kay Bucksbaum
Mardell and Craton Burkholder
Robert Camp
Ned and Jan Cochran
Barbara Conviser
Marcia Corbin
Paul D'Amato and Beth Cashdan
Mary Dominick and Sven Coomer
Shelley Emerick
Cinda and Don Erdman
Sally Faison
Suzanne Farver and Clint VanZee
Nanette B. Finger
Penny Atzet and Mark Fuller
Sara Garton
City of Aspen

Andrea and Brian Goodheim
James and Jennifer Hearn
Susan Helm
Kristen Henry
Preston H. Hill
Annaday and David Hiser
The Hite Family
Ann Hodges
Philip R Hodgson
Janis and George Huggins
Bill and Ellen Hunt
Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Linda Koones
Scottie and Tom Leddy
Clara Lindner
MacPhail-Brigham Household
Howie Mallory and Nora Berko
Nancy Marsh
John and Laurie McBride
Elsa Mitchell
John R. Moebius
Constance Hoguet Neel and Richard Neel
Bland Nesbit

Fonda Paterson
Fred and Sandra Peirce
Jenifer Blomquist and Paul Perley
Hensley and James Peterson
Lynn and John Phillips
Steve and Missy Prudden
Martha and Kenneth Robinson
Polly Ross
Heather and Greg Rydell
Ford Schumann
Steve and Sandy Stay
Linda and Dennis Vaughn 
Linda Vidal
Marguerite Villasanta
Bob and Ruth Wade
Craig and Becky Ward
Donna Miller Ward and R Thomas Ward  
Cynthia Wayburn
Jay and Patti Webster
Paula Zurcher
Antonia Zurcher
Victor and Susan Zurcher 


Members for 20+ years: 

Spotlight members:

Amy and Neal Beidleman

Amy and Neal Beidleman
Artist and Adventurer

“While Neal is working like crazy in the Aerospace industry designing and building antennas on satellites that go into space, Amy is busy painting mountain scenes for her line of greeting cards as well as teaching watercolor painting at the local art centers including ACES’ various sites. Their 2 kids, like Neal, grew up in Aspen, all experiencing ACES as part of their education in school. And as with so many people in this community, life can move at a fast pace – that’s where ACES comes in, to not only help teach how to quiet the mind through experiencing our natural world, but educating us on how to preserve it for many generations to come.”

Connie and Buddy Bates

Connie and Buddy Bates
3 Generations of ACES Participants

“Our association with ACES began when we were building our house in Aspen in 1972 and our three young children became involved in a nature studies program.  Since then our whole family and grandchildren have participated in a variety of art, photography and nature classes. We support ACES to maintain its serene and exemplary environmental facilities, in the heart of Aspen, and all of its extraordinary educational programs for the youth of the Roaring Fork Valley and general public.”

Missy and Steve Prudden

Leslie Lamont and Lance Luckett
Current and Former Trustees

Lance: “Our interest in ACES began with me, when I moved to Aspen (1980).  Of course, I was a regular attendee of Potbelly Perspectives…it was a local thing to do. One fall, I was asked to help dress an elk. The task at hand was taken on in the garage across from the main entrance to the Nature Center. Tom Cardamone and others did most of the job, but then, knowing I was a rookie, enlisted me to saw off the head! I got to know more ACES folks and the rest is history. I was a Board member for 6-years, including two years as President of the Board.  I was one of the founding Board members of ACES Foundation and served for four years. I am proud to have been part of the team that acquired Rock Bottom Ranch. It is amazing how the ACES crew has transformed the Ranch into an educational icon.”

Leslie: “Lance introduced me to ACES. I was involved in the community as a city planner and Pitco Commissioner. Now as a Board member, I am enthusiastic about the environmental education programs offered to children throughout the valley.  It is visionary that ACES serves children from Aspen to Battlement Mesa and is an incubator for future naturalists.  Both our boys are graduates of Tomorrow’s Voices.

All members for over 20 years:

Rebecca T. Ayres
Buddy and Connie Bates
Amy and Neal Beidleman
Stephen and Carla Berry
Liz and John Bokram
Susan H. Brady
Ruth Brown
Sherry and Hal Bruff
Richard and Nancy Carrigan
Ruth Carver
Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw
David Chase
Deborah Reamer and Andrew Clare
Sarah R. Cole
Charles Cole
John and Susan Cottle
Carol Craig
Daniel G. DeWolfe
Sandra Eskin
Tena Dunaway Farr and Jane Dunaway
George and Susan Fesus
Sara F. Finkle
Mary Lou and John V. Flynn Jr.
Paul and Susan Foster
Anne and Phil Freedman
Marc and Karen Friedberg
Jon Gibans
Carolyn and Bob Glah
Randy Gold and Dawn Shepard
Jan and Ron Greenberg
Jeff Finesilver and Krystina Greenwood
Kirk and Petra Gregory
Sue Anne Griffith and Jim Kaufman

Mary and Jim Griffith
Heidi Hoffmann and Tom Griffiths
Marty Ames and Steve Hach
Bill and Lelia Harriman
Joan W. Harris
Shirley and Barnett Helzberg
Barbara and Gerald Hines
Mary Hirsch
Cindy Houben
Carol and Mike Hundert
Chonnie and Paul Jacobson
Rusty and John Jaggers
Peter and Sandy Johnson
Pam Joseph and Robert Brinker
Denise Jurgens and Kevin Messerschmidt
Jacquelyn Kasabach
Phil and Meg Kendall
Michael and Julie Kennedy
Mary Jo Kimbrough and Jim Harrison
Barbara and Keith Kizziah
Judy Kravitz
Carol and Tom Kurt
Leslie Lamont and Lance Luckett
Kirsten and Alan Langohr
Adam and Melony Lewis
Victor and Darlene Liss
Denise Lock
Peter Looram
Martha Madsen
Mirte Mallory and Philip Jeffreys
Leslie and John McQuown
Lindy and Tom Melberg
Laurie Michaels and David Bonderman

Bill and Jane Mitchell
Ric and Susanne Morrison
Sandy and Mary Lynn Munro
Marcie and Robert Musser
Rick and Virginia Newton
Grace S. Oliphant
Carol Pasternak
Buzz Patten and Judy Wender
Norman and Melinda Payson
Paul and Jennifer Perley
Katherine Avilla Peterson
Susan Philp and Lance Clarke
Kathryn Pitner and Robert Leatherman
Liza Malott Pohle and Chris Pohle
Robert Purvis
Ken and Emily Ransford
Sara Ransford
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Larry Fredrick and Janet Roberts
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Lubert and Andrea Stryer
Lois and Doug Teegarden
Nancy Thomas and Roger Davis
Wendy Weaver
Marilyn Wilmerding
Suzanne Wolff and Gary Tennenbaum

Corporate Members:

Alpine Bank
Aspen Community Foundation
Aspen Skiing Company, via The Environment Foundation
Reese Henry and Company
Walton Family Foundation


Members for 10+ years: 

Spotlight members:

John Rowland and Sarah Broughton

John Rowland and Sarah Broughton

“When we first moved to Aspen in 2000, we lived above a store downtown and did not have a car. We hiked where we could walk from our apartment. We fell in love with ACES and hiked around Hallam Lake every weekend.  As soon as we could, we started to support ACES because we feel it is a crucial part of our community. We love the preservation and education that ACES provides to our valley. We are inspired by the reach of ACES and their leadership for a better future!”

Learn more about Rowland + Broughton Architecture / Urban Design / Interior Design here.

Dr. Kim Levin

Dr. Kim Levin
Emergency Room Physician | Pitkin County Medical Officer

“I love and support ACES because I support a small, passionate, dedicated group of talented individuals who change the world. ACES gives a voice to the trees and birds and mushrooms. It stands up for values of combating climate change and preserving natural habitats and respecting and loving nature. It creates community in our Valley for which I am grateful. It’s intern program and educators are impressive and key to its success in teaching us all. Now more than ever we each need to support and take action to uphold our own values, to show by example, to educate others, and remind us that the natural world is our teacher. ACES does this. It does it through education of our youth, and of all of us. It opens our eyes to the fragility of a pond ecosystem with its fish and duck residents, and the necessity of the mountain lupine flower. It is an essential organization to our community - with its potbelly perspectives, picnics, birdwatching mornings, youth programs, and simple respite of Hallam Lake in the midst of it all. I have been a member for 10 years and look forward to being a part of this dedicated and passionate group for many years to come.”

The Helzberg Family

The Helzberg Family
Hallam Lake Neighbors

“We are Jamie, Bush, Benton, Oliver, Leo, Amelia, and Arthur Helzberg. We deeply care about our community and environment. We came to know ACES when living in Kansas City. Our kids looked forward to attending summer camp at ACES each summer. Every afternoon as we strolled along the winding path to pick them up at Hallam Lake, we were reminded of the unparalleled beauty and charm of this community. It has become our home. We support ACES because of the wonderful work they do to educate and create a deeper connection between humans and the natural world for all ages. The outstanding educators from ACES have taught our kids not only knowledge about our natural world but how to be a leader and stand up for our environment.”

All members for over 10 years:

Duane and Sherry Abbott
Vanessa and Karl Adam
Bruce Adelman
Dawn Arnall
J Augustson
Donald G. Austin
Currie and Tom Barron
Dawn Barton
Jeff and Becky Berkus
Sallie and Thomas Bernard
Mike and Jackie Bezos
Elizabeth and Edgar Boyles
Louise and Phil Hoversten
Ella and Scott Brittingham
Lee and Keith Bryant
John and Jackie Bucksbaum
Bill Budinger and Zoe Baird
Bill and Jess Budinger
Cindy Burke
Ruthie Burrus
Clint and Nancy Carlson
Julie Case
Jennifer Causing and Peter Waanders
Donna and Steve Chase
David and Katherin Chase
Tom and Megan Clark
Jane Click
Laurence Cohen
Julie Comins Pickrell and Greg Pickrell
Chelsea and James Brundige
David Corbin
Barbara and Herschel Cravitz
Gary and Sylvie Crum
Lee and Donna Dale
Jesse and Chris Davenport
Don Davidson and Sandra Simpson
Brian and Andy Davies
Michael and Kam Davies
Peter and Catherine Davis
Sharon DeQuine
John and Ann Doerr
Julia and Allen Domingos
Jennifer DuBrul
Carol Duell
Christopher and Audrey Ellis
Clayton and Shel Erikson
Bruce Etkin and Laurel Gilbert
Mary Lou Farrell
Boots Ferguson and Carolyn Miller
James Finch
Charlie and Pattie Firestone
Ilene and Burt Follman
Edmund Frank
Kristina Fraser
Ricki and Peter Fuchs
Christy and Nathan Garfield
Patricia Goudvis
Donna Guerra
Flossie and Evan Gull

Chris and Lindsay Halsey
David Hamilton
Margaret and Adam Hancock
Becky Hellbaum and Fred Hartmeister
Olivia Emery and Michael Hassig
Andy and Jody Hecht
Jamie and Bush Helzberg
Casady Henry
Cecil and Noelle Hernandez
Eugene and Joan Hill
Sonya Hoban and Fred Soyka
Jefferson and Karen Hughes
Ellen and Bill Hunt
Robert and Soledad Hurst
Matthew and Jessica Jay
Janet Johnson
Samantha Johnston
Shana Johnstone
Kyle Ryan Johnstone
Cindy Kahn and Steve Marker
Allison and Warren Kanders
John Katzenberger and Deborah Jones
Susan Kaye
Marianne and Mark Keating
Patrick and Donna Keelty
Reenie Kinney and Scott Hicks
Maureen Kinney
Marianne and Richard Kipper
Cari and Jeff Kuhlman
Don and Joan Larrabee
Gary and Laura Lauder
Linda Lay
Allen Levantin
Kimberly Levin
Jonathan Lewis and Mark Zitelli
Toby Devan Lewis
Gary and Daylene Lichtenwalter
Francine and Tag Liebel
Jennifer Long
Thomas Lovejoy
Catherine and David Manchester
Susan and Lawrence Marx
Joani Matranga
Jacqui Matthews
Dan and Tita McCarty
Thomas and Sharon McPherron
Marian Melville
Jeanette Darnauer and Rob Merritt
Willem and Lisa Mesdag
David and Fredericka Middleton
Beth and Josh Mondry
Diane Moore and Joel Sax
Connie Morrell
Johanna Marie Mueller
Gina and Jerry Murdock
John Neil
David Newberger
Kirsten and Penn Newhard
Kerry and Ricki Newman

Lynn Nichols and Jim Gilchrist
Allison and David Niles
Peter and Margi O'Grady
The O'Hagan Family
Wally Obermeyer and Helen Ward
Karin Reid Offield
Janet Parke
Julie and Tom Paxton
Margaret Pedersen and Robert Millette
Roberta and Samuel Pepkowitz
Martha Jean Perrow
Timothy and Allison Perry
Catherine Porter and James Fuller
Gloria and Joe Pryzant
Robert Purvis
Robert and Myra Rich
Anna and John Rigney
Margaret and Dwayne Romero
Will Roush and Margaret Woodward
John Rowland and Sarah Broughton
Joanne Rubinoff
Heather and Ned Ryerson
Tom and Lois Sando
Shereen and Jordan Sarick
Lori Scapicchio and Tom Pevny
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Deborah and John Scott
Phyllis and David Scruggs
James Scull
Barry Seager
Hannelore and Bob Shanahan
Judy and Mark Silver
Wendy and David Smith
Lorraine and Pat Spector
Mr. John Starr
William Lundeen Stirling
Mike and Kit Strang
Frederick and Marilyn Subala
Gabriella Sutro
David and Geni Swersky
Susie Taylor
Karin Teague
Mary Ann and Ray Tittle
William and Anne Tobey
Diana Tomback and Jim Knowles
Karla Joy VanderZanden
Robert Wagner and Jill St. John
Mary Ann Wallace
Gayle and Richard Wells
Lynn and Gordon Whitmer
Jeanne Wilder
John and Lisa Wilkinson
Steven Wolff and Lynne Feigenbaum
Kent Woodard
Maggie Woods
Frank and Tamara Woods
Pete and Ginny Yang
George Zachar and Nancy Lazar
Boniface and Alison Zaino

Thank you to everyone who makes our work possible!

If you notice an error on this list, please contact Emily Taylor, ACES Development Manager, at [email protected].