Meet Jess Burroughs

Jess Burroughs, RBR Vegetable Apprentice

Jess is a Vegetable Apprentice at Rock Bottom Ranch. She most recently came from Washington where she spent her first full season on a biodynamic farm and Waldorf school. 

Originally from North Carolina, Jess earned a B.S. in Biology from UNC Asheville with a heavy focus on all plant friends. After graduating and falling for her second love, climbing, she dirtbagged around the west with dreams of a career in mountain guiding. The plants called her back, though, and she soon found herself in the Great Basin region leading vegetation habitat assessment crews. In her newest affair with the desert, she spent another season based out of Reno where her love of the desert deepened. 

Looking for a new way to unite plants, land stewardship, people, and healing, she pivoted to farming where she spent her first season on a farm in the Washington peninsula. Struck by the deep connection between tending the land, food, and healing, she dreams of a long life working with nature and farming. 

In her free time you can find her trail running, climbing, doing yoga, and generally frolicking while cackling outside.