Meet Kitty Winograd

Kitty Winograd, Rock Bottom Ranch Community Programs Coordinator

Kitty grew up in the suburbs of Littleton, Colorado. As a kid, she spent her summers at the local swimming pool acting out underwater mermaid scenarios with her twin or exploring whatever wilderness she could find - be it on foot or, for a few lucky years, on the back of her beloved horse. She later attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she majored in English Literature and minored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. 

Kitty joined the ACES staff in the summer of 2014 as a Summer Naturalist. She returned in 2015 as an ACES Educator. For six years, she represented ACES in the RFSD and RE-2 elementary schools, out on field programs, and during birds of prey demonstrations. While working at ACES, she completed her Master’s degree in Public Administration and Environmental Management and Law through CU Denver.

 In May of  2021, she transitioned to her new role as the Rock Bottom Ranch Community Programs Coordinator. With Rock Bottom Ranch as her constant home base, Kitty has had the opportunity to expand  her knowledge of the systems and practices of our agricultural department through hands-on experiences her farmer co-workers provide. In return, she is able to pass on her deepening love for livestock and gardening to the public. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the biggest backyard she has ever had – the Roaring Fork Valley. If she isn’t exploring, she can be found at home, with her husband and their two feline friends.