A Biologist's and Senator's Look at Wolf Recovery and Conservation

Wednesday, February 7 | 5:30PM | *Carbondale Middle School Auditorium (*venue change)
Thursday, February 8 | 7PM | Hallam Lake, Aspen

For all intents and purposes, wolves have been extinct in Colorado for nearly a century despite a massive treasure of lands throughout the western half of the state that are ideal for the species because they are owned by the public and support abundant prey. If wolf restoration was accomplished, it would act as the arc stone for connecting the species from the High Arctic to the Mexican border. There is no other place in the world where one could complete restoration of a critically important but much maligned species across such a sweeping landscape. It seems long past due for Coloradans to have a serious, thoughtful discussion about restoring the wolf. This presentation is a start to the discussion.

As a wildlife biologist and Montana State Senator, Mike Phillips has been actively involved in the biological aspects of wolf recovery and conservation since 1980. 

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