Colorado's Bluebirds and How You Can Help Them

Wednesday, January 31 | 5:30PM | Third Street Center, Carbondale
Thursday, February 1 | 7PM | Hallam Lake, Aspen

As Project Chairman for the Colorado Bluebird Project, Kevin Corwin's presentation focuses on the natural history, habitat, and lifestyles of Colorado’s bluebirds. Discover how you can get up close and personal with bluebirds by providing them with nesting habitat and monitoring their progress. Kevin's presentation will include a 10-minute video edited from an entire season of recording within a nestbox, which depicts the entire cycle from nest-building, to the fledging of bluebird nestlings.

Kevin Corwin began studying bluebirds in 2003, when the Audubon Society of Greater Denver took on the management of the Colorado Bluebird Project and formed a team of volunteers to define the project's mission and goals. As a member of that team, Kevin has volunteered ever since by overseeing operations, delivering educational programs to groups around the state, and managing the volunteers-to-trails matching program. He is also one of a team of three volunteers who monitor a trail of 44 nestboxes south of Denver. In addition, Kevin serves on the Board of Directors of the North American Bluebird Society as the first Vice President for Affiliate Relations.

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