In Defense of Wild Birds: Bringing an End to Bird Poaching in the Mediterranean

According to a new study by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds that will be published later this year, 25 million birds are killed by poachers every year in the Mediterranean and half of the countries where this is taking place are members of the European Union. By sharing his work and stories, Jason hopes to spread awareness of this issue that is a serious threat to bird populations across the Palaearctic. We hope that you can join Jason to hear about his work to save wild birds.

Jason Gregg is a 28-year-old conservation biologist. His family moved to Aspen when he was a teenager and it was a change that opened his eyes to the natural world that he now works hard to protect. For the last two years during the Fall, Jason has traveled abroad to countries in the Mediterranean to fight the widespread poaching of migratory birds that occurs there. Traveling to Cyprus, Italy, and Spain, he will present on his work and travels alongside other dedicated activists and explain the ins and outs of bird poaching and what it takes to stop these wildlife crimes.