The Natural History of Colorado

Wednesday, February 21 | 5:30PM | Third Street Center, Carbondale
Thursday, February 22 | 7PM | Hallam Lake, Aspen

Colorado embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery that defines our nation. The bounty, history, and romantic allure of our dramatic landscapes have inspired generations of people worldwide to come to the Mountain West. Included in this long list of people have been hunter gatherers, prospectors, explorers, vacationers in their RVs, and us! In this presentation we are going on a wild ride through an overview of Colorado’s natural history. In that process we will explore our landscapes through many different lenses. We’ll look at how geological processes, evolution, and human enterprise have wrought the face of Colorado. We can’t talk about natural history without talking about my heroes, the key people in our storyline of discovery. We’ll also focus in on some of our most fascinating natural history treasures and their stories.

David Anderson is a natural historian who works with Colorado's conservation community to support informed decision-making. As the Director and Chief Scientist for the Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP), he works to support sustainable conservation and land management. 

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