Transformational Travel: A Runner's Quest for Growth & Happiness

When Elinor Fish of Carbondale, Colorado, started running at age 15 in high school track meets, she had no idea that beyond competition on an oval, running could become a means to life-long adventure around the world. Almost 30 years later, Elinor has run in some of the world’s most beautiful trail-running destinations, from Australia to Iceland, Patagonia to the Canadian Arctic.  

Elinor’s passion for running as a means for discovery led her to found Run Wild Retreats + Wellness in 2010, a company that takes groups of women on guided trail-running adventures in places like the Italian Dolomites, Ireland, Iceland, Spain and Moab, Utah. 

In her Potbelly Perspectives presentation, Elinor will share her most memorable running adventures she’s taken with clients, with friends, and by herself over the years, illustrated by a slideshow of spectacular images by some of the running industry’s best professional photographers whom she’s proud to call friends. 

These stories are about more than just where she went and what she did, but reveal specifically what made them deeply transformational, either for herself personally or a person she was with. Be prepared to be inspired by stories of strength, resilience, and self-discovery through adventure, adversity, and self-awareness.  

Tea, donated by Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company, beer, donated by Aspen Brewing Company, and cookies will be offered during lecture.