Traversing the High Sierras: Off Trail Adventures in One of the World's Youngest Landscapes

Join Ken Ransford as he retraces an off-trail route he took more than 40 years ago, from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney in California’s High Sierra. Hugging the west side of the Sierra Nevada crest and camping at tree line nearly every night, he crested 30 passes in 38 days with one goal, to see the most beautiful lake basins in the range. The High Sierra are young—they began uplifting only 4 million years ago, and the last glaciers that sculpted them receded only 10,000 years ago—so that means they are as sharp and rugged as any mountains on earth. Ken, along with his family and friends, arranged for horse packers to carry in 4 food caches along the route, allowing them to stay in the heart of the range and reach some of its most inaccessible corners. Join Ken for an old-style backpacking slideshow of mountain peaks, lakes, towering trees, and beautiful skies.

Tea, donated by Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company, beer, donated by Aspen Brewing Company, and cookies will be offered during lecture.

Potbelly Perspectives are held at ACES at Hallam Lake, 100 Puppy Smith Street, in Aspen.