Toklat Workshop: Story Slam

Join ACES Naturalist Halle Zander for a Story Slam! After completing her senior thesis on spoken word education, Halle has developed an appreciation for the community benefits that come from telling stories.

After a brief presentation on the history, benefits, and strategies of storytelling, the microphone will be open to artists of all formats to share stories, whether that is through poetry, song, or a more traditional approach. 

About Toklat Workshops: Toklat Workshops are a four-part series. Each workshop is hosted by an ACES Naturalist who currently resides at this special place. Each workshop offers an opportunity to learn something new, and to meet and collaborate with fellow residents and visitors to the Roaring Fork Valley. Join ACES in creating a closer and more caring community through music, writing, and art.

5:30PM - 7:30PM