Naturalist Nights

Can Rocks Talk? Geology's Story From the Bottom of Glenwood Canyon to the Grottos

Take a geologic tour starting at 1.7-billion-year-old granite, gneiss and schist to 10,000-year-old glacial features during this presentation. On the tour, explore the local Grand Staircase. It is a geologic cross section going from ancient rocks in the Glenwood Canyon to middle age rocks in Carbondale and Basalt to recent glacial features in the Aspen and Grottos area. Come learn about our amazing local geology and how rocks talk to us.

Professor Emertius Garry Zabel at Colorado Mountain College is an expert on the geology of canyons, including our own Glenwood Canyon.

Garry will also be presenting on Wednesday, January 24th at 5:30PM at Carbondale's Third Street Center. 

Naturalist Nights are made possible through a partnership between Wilderness Workshop, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), and Roaring Fork Audubon. In addition, we thank the following sponsors for their support of the Naturalist Nights program: