Meet Oliver Simmering

Oliver Simmering, Livestock Apprentice

Oliver was raised in Boulder, CO and left as soon as he could to experience different communities and places. They ended up at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. The alternative approach to education and passionate community there gave him a lot of new lenses and he mainly focused on health justice, trauma counseling and community organizing. Towards the end of his time there he did an internship with an herbalist collective and found strong purpose in food justice and a desire to participate in hands-on agriculture work. There were a lot of opportunities to become involved in mutual aid in Olympia and he was a part of a street medic collective there before he moved on to farming. 

Following graduation from Evergreen, Oliver did an internship at a goat dairy and fell in love with farmwork and livestock care. He scurried around to different farms learning different skills and gaining context about various farming methods over the past few years. Oliver wound up in Florida at a small CSA vegetable/cut flower farm and stayed there for almost two full seasons. After working so much with veggies Oliver yearned to work with animals again and gain more of an education around regenerative agriculture. They joined the RBR crew this year with a strong interest in participating in diversified pasture based livestock farming, becoming a part of this community, and hugging sheep.

Outside of capitalistic endeavors Oliver enjoys making art, swimming in swamps with his eyes above the water like an alligator, dancing, talking about emotions and digging large holes to sit in.