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Broadening our reach by sharing our curriculum

ACES Teacher Training for local schools

Training our teachers is a critical element of education reform. ACES offers workshops, leads presentations at leading conferences in the region, and consults with schools and districts across the state - so that we are all working together to provide science education in Colorado schools. In March of 2018, ACES led a training for Basalt Elementary School (BES) teachers at the Catto Center at Toklat. Our training supports teachers and administrators to help integrate science and ecological literacy into their classroom teaching. The retreat was a wonderful balance of reflection, educational and environmental learning, relationship building, good food, and an inspiring snowshoe adventure above Castle Creek. The day featured challenging group initiatives, reflections on pedagogy and teaching practice, personal and team goal setting, and an inspiring snowshoe adventure above Castle Creek.

"ACES Educators were an outstanding team to work with, making this a rewarding and memorable experience for our teachers. The retreat was the highlight of my year and one of the best things I have ever done as a principal to bring our teaching team together." - Suzanne Wheeler-Del Piccolo


 ACES Professional teacher training and education achievements:

- ACES hosted “Kids First Environmental Education” conference at ACES in the fall 2014
- ACES Educators presented at Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education conference in Denver in the spring of 2014
- Ongoing ACES Educator professional development workshops, including CAEE (Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education)
- Online teacher training in Environmental Science Education (CEUs for licensed teachers)

Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education CAEE

Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

In 2018, the entire ACES Ed team traveled to the University of Denver to participate in the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education's (CAEE) annual professional conference. In addition to networking with organizations from across the state, ACES Educators led 4 workshops and shared our teaching practices and philosophy with hundreds of other educators and administrators. ACES Educators can obtain the CAEE Master Environmental Educator Certification during this conference. Learn more about CAEE here.

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