Regenerative Agriculture

Food for the future

At Rock Bottom Ranch, ACES models regenerative agriculture production systems that prioritize land stewardship, ecosystem health, carbon sequestration, and animal welfare. Our vegetable and livestock productions systems are based on natural cycles and designed to mimic nature. ACES is leading the charge on developing models for replicable, regenerative agriculture where food production can actually restore soil biodiversity and positively affect our climate. We consider ourselves land stewards first, farmers second.

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At Rock Bottom Ranch, all of our animals are pasture based. Our systems are designed to maximize land productivity, while constantly taking steps to improve soil health. When managed in a holistic manner, livestock are critical to the process of nutrient-cycling and carbon sequestration. We manage our livestock using intensive multi-species rotational grazing practices. Our ruminants are moved daily to fresh pasture to maximize the efficiencies of their grazing. Poultry then follow the ruminants and spread the manure while eating insect larvae and weed seed. We raise a diverse array of livestock including: sheep, cattle, laying hens, broilers, and rabbits.


We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables with intensive, efficient and regenerative practices. Our production uses a low-till approach to minimize soil disturbance and preserve soil structure. To extend the growing season at our 6,400 elevation, we utilize energy-efficient season extension structures including a seed propagation house and three hoophouses. All of our houses are passively heated and allow us to produce year round, without the need for any fossil fuels or supplemental heat.

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