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Bear Swimming at Hallam Lake

Hallam Lake, 25-acre nature preserve and visitor center, has a wide diversity of wildlife. This video, captured by our trail cams, features a black bear taking a swim in Hallam Lake.


Morning Birding Species List | October 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 8AM - 11AMWeather: Light rain, low cloudsLocation: Hallam LakeSpecies IdentifiedCanada GooseMallardBelted KingfisherSteller's JayBlack-billed MagpieAmerican CrowCommon RavenBlack-capped ChickadeeMountain ChickadeeRed-breasted NuthatchBrown CreeperAmerican RobinEvening GrosbeakHouse FinchPine SiskinSong... more