The 2015-2016 students are David Mondry, William Reagan, Sydney Slossberg and Jack Chase.

David Mondry

2012 to Present

David Mondry, one of THINKShed’s founding members, has been an active contributor in all aspects of the organization, from leadership and team-building to research, design, problem-solving, construction, and marketing. David is a IB Diploma candidate at Aspen High School, where his passion for design, innovation and engineering has led him to study in both the Arts and Sciences. He plans to continue his involvement with THINKShed after his graduation in 2016.

Michael Mondry

2012 to Present

"I am a founder and active member of THINKShed, which has been an incredible opportunity to take projects all the way through the design process, from need-finding to prototyping. Now studying Product Design at Stanford University, I draw upon my THINKShed experiences in my everyday work.  I recently joined the Stanford Tiny House Project, a competitive endeavor which is already benefitting from the design, problem-solving and teamwork skills that I have acquired through THINKShed."
William Reagan

2013 to Present

William Reagan class of 2015, began his time at THINKShed during the beginning of junior year. He was invited into the group for his interest in business, but developed an awareness and appreciation fore the design and architectural components of the project. William plans to continue his involvement with THINKShed, when he leaves the group next year to attend the University of St. Andrews to study Economics and International Relations.

Jack Chase

2014 to Present

Jack Chase is a student at Aspen High School, class of '17, and has been a THINKShed member since the fall of 2013. With an interest in entrepreneurship, THINKShed caught his eye because of its potential as a business. He enjoys playing soccer and snowboarding in his free time.

 Sydney Slossberg

2014 to Present

Sydney Slossberg, class of 2016 at Aspen High School, is interested in the business side of THINKShed. Sydney has taken many business classes at Aspen High School, including IB Business, and brings that focus to the team.

Sarah Chiles

2012 - 2014

"I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern California '19. I enjoyed working on THINKShed because of the group that I worked with and the necessity for creativity and problem solving. Because of THINKShed I was inspired to pursue a Progressive Degree Program to obtain a Masters in Product Development Engineering. Also, it familiarized me with the process of bringing a product to life from conception to manufacturing. I gained practical information about designing to fulfill certain parameters."

Matt Ferguson

2012 - 2014 

“Working with THINKShed was undoubtedly one of my fondest high school experiences. In designing and prototyping products from scratch and working with a buyer with a budget, our projects challenged me to combined creative and practical thinking. THINKShed exposed me to the world of architecture and design in a way that was incredibly fun and engaging. Largely inspired by my endeavors with THINKShed, I am currently pursuing a major in Engineering Sciences and a Minor in Studio Art at Dartmouth College, '18.” 

Juliette Woodrow


I am interested in math and science and I am looking to study engineering in college, after my graduation from Aspen High School in 2017. THINKShed gave me hands on experience in the field of engineering. I loved working with actual architects to see the professional life of the fields of subjects I am interested in. THINKShed also gave me the opportunity to preview the fields of marketing, business, and product design. I really enjoyed working with THINKShed because it allowed me to learn outside of the classroom. 

Nick Ketpura
Nick Ketpura is designer and project manager at Jeffrey Berkus Architects. He is committed to consistently redefining and expanding the perception of what is possible for people and our communities though architecture and design. Nick enjoys exploring the potential of each design utilizing innovative techniques and thoughtful use of materials in order to translate it into practical, responsible and buildable projects. Nick earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Southern California and has over 10 years of experience.
Olivia Siegel
Olivia Siegel was Community Outreach Director at Aspen Center for Environmental Studies at the onset of the THINKShed project. Olivia was involved with the THINKShed group because of her interest in civics and leadership development. She lent support in planning and marketing.
Jeff Berkus
Jeffrey Berkus, as lead designer and president of Jeffrey Berkus Architects, brings a sensitive approach to the design and planning process. With a focus on sustainability, his firm specializes in creating imaginative and practical responses to architectural and land-use challenges. Jeffrey graduated from the College of Environmental Design at The University of Colorado, Boulder and is licensed in seven states. With over thirty years of architectural experience, he has a large repertoire of award-winning commercial and residential projects and has been a featured panel member for seminars at nationally recognized conferences.