6/30/2016 - 9/30/2016

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Cochinilla Color Demonstrations

Join Artists in Residence Elena Gonzalez Ruiz and Juan Carlos Gonzalez for a demonstration of the color dying utilized by traditional Oxacan rug weavers.

Cochineal is a traditional red dye of pre-Hispanic Mexico. The dye is derived from cochineal, a parasitic insect cultivated the leaves of cacti. The insects are placed on the plants in cloths suspended from the top of the leaves of the cacti. When they reach maturity (measuring 8 millimetres) they are harvested with a brush and left to dry in the sun or in ovens. The end product appears as dark red grain covered in white powder and is used to dye cotton and wool.

Elena and Juan Carlos will demonstrate the process of dying wool with this traditional method every day at 1pm. They are eager to share their weaving knowledge and passion while talking about their family business and roots in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

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6/30/2016 - 9/30/2016

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