Naturalist Nights

The Deep History of Pueblo People

Wednesday, February 20 | 6PM | Third Street Center, Carbondale
Thursday, February 21 | 6PM | Hallam Lake, Aspen

Four thousand years ago, immigrant farmers introduced maize (corn) farming into what is today the southwestern United States. This marks the beginning of one of the world’s most innovative and resilient cultures: Pueblo Indian society. Dr. Varien will present the results of 35 years of research by the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, research conducted in partnership with Pueblo Indian Nations. This research reconstructs the deep history of Pueblo people and connects that history to our world today.

Mark Varien is the Executive Vice President of the Research Institute at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez. He seeks to further Crow Canyon’s three-part mission: to increase knowledge of the human experience through archaeological research, to conduct that research in the context of public education programs, and to partner with American Indians on the design and delivery of those research and education programs.

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